Make Your PC Fast | Make Your PC 3 Time Faster Than Before

In this generation no body wants to work or spend time in a computer which lags every time. Slow PC takes very long time to complete even a simple and normal tasks. We cannot use slow PCs in the way we want to use it. First when we buy the PC it will not be slow but as your computer ages, they temporary files will start getting inside of your computer which is one of the major reason of your computer to get slow. We never need temporary files in out computer they just consumes space in the computer also makes the computer works slow. But only the temporary files does not make your computer slow there are many different factors which makes your computer very slow. Some of them are storing useless files and folders, downloading useless applications, inserting usb drives without scanning etc.

Basically, in todays articles I am going to give you some of the best tips and tricks so that you can easily make your PC really very much faster than before so lets get started.

Step 1: Press Windows + R key and type in temp and hit enter. There you can find the list of all the temporary files which are really useless for you so what you are gonna do is just select all the files and delete them permanently.

For deleting permanently press shift + R and then hit enter.

And now permanently delete all the files and click on ok.

Step 2: Again deleting temporary files in another location.

Press Windows + R key and type in %temp% and hit enter. There you can find a large number of junk files you can do the same steps as of step one i.e. you need to select all the files and permanently delete them and then you are ready to go.

Note: Junk files are often generated so you need to follow this steps once in two weeks.

Step 3: Delete Files and Folders That You Don’t Use And Uninstall Programs That You Don’t Use.

You can easily know the files and folders that you don’t use. So, if you find any files and folders that you don’t use you can immediately delete it. Check for the programs you use and the programs you don’t use just uninstall those programs from your PC.

To uninstall the programs search control panel and get inside the control panel. After you get inside it in the search bar type in uninstall a program.

After you type uninstall a programs you click on uninstall a program option and there you can see a lot of programs just right click selecting the program you want to uninstall and click on uninstall.

Do you have confusion? Look at the pictures below

Step i:

Step ii:

Step iii:

Step 4: Stop programs that you don’t use.

Running a lot of programs in the computer makes the computer really slow so you can just end them easily. To end them press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and several options will pop up at the last of the option you can see task manager you just click there a new window will pop up you just click on the app that you don’t want to use it at the moment and just end the task.

So, that’s it for this article guys, if you have any problem then please feel free to comment down below 🙂