How to get more traffics in website | Get more views & traffics

Getting more traffics in your website is very essential for you to make money through your blog. If you get more views in your website, you get more clicks in your ads and the more clicks you get the more money you are making but you know that this is not 90s anymore you’re not gonna get traffics by posting some articles and keeping tags related to that website. These days things are getting much more complicated. But don’t worry we still have many ideas that will help you to get more traffics in your website after reading this post you cannot get views/traffics instantly but you will sure start noticing a huge difference in your blog.

So without further discussion lets get right into the topic.

1. Know your website audience

Website audience are a group of people visiting your website for different purposes. The more you know your audience, the better you can create great contents that matches their interests. You must include all the posts which matches to the interest of your website audience. Try to figure out what kind of posts your audience like and then start writing contents that contains all the meaningful factors which your audience wants from you. If you start writing posts which your audience like, your audience are forced to visit your website again and again and let you make more views.

2. Include proper keywords

Keywords are still the best way to help you to rank your website in google search results. They help to drive targeted web traffics to your website . Using the right keyword  can let your website to get lots of views. Some keywords get alot of searches and some may not even get single searches. So try to include proper keywords so that your website can get alot of views. You can use these keyword research tools for finding keywords.

Google Adwords: Keyword Planner


Moz Keyword Explorer 


3. Use visuals

Visual contents gets large number of shares, likes and comments in comparison to the text messages. Visual contents also drives more traffics from google image search results and other searches. As visual contents are more likely to get number of shares you can easily easily get alot of shares in social medias which will easily help you to drive traffics on your websites.

4. Promote your page in social medias

Promoting a website is the process which is used by people a lot of times for driving more traffics to your websites. You can easily promote your websites in social medias like facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, pinterest etc. When you promote your website in these social medias, many people can see your promotion and you can easily drive traffics from social medias to your websites. If you want a high amount of traffic you should use paid promoting by spending a little sum of money from your pocket.

5. Maintain your website appearance

Maintaining your website appearance is a must for getting more views website. No body like messy things same as that no one line a messy website. Try to use very clean theme in your website. Post a very clean featured images in your website. Try to have several categories for different types of post. Ugly website will make feel the users uncomfortable to read posts in your blog.

6. Update your website regularly

Updating will also help you gain a lot of views. If you update a website regularly posting articles which will be very helpful for readers. They will come to your website everyday so that they can get help from it. Once the know that you are updating your website regularly they will also start visiting your website rapidly and read your blog. They will have the positive impression towards your website.

7. Quality contents

Quality content is a must for driving traffics into your website. Nobody wants to read a less meaningful article, every one seeks for the articles having the contents of their own choice. If you have got qualitative contents in your websites the reader can have the positive feelings for your website and therfore the reader can visit your website time and once more.

So these ways some of the best ways for you to increase your website traffic easily in 2018. After you follow all these tips it will take some time but you will notice the result real quick.

If you have any problem feel free to comment down. I will reply all of your comments.