How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money

Blogging is one of the most popular way which is used for earning money these days from the internet. But we can’t make money just by creating a blog we need to post quality contents not one or two but many for earning money. Trust me guys this is not hard but it takes time. But when you start earning money you can easily make passive income from blog. Passive income means the money which you can earn without involving actively in a particular talk. Yes, we can easily make passive income using a blog but first we need to try really hard for making money using blog. Once your blog gets listed in google search and once google adsense approves your website for ads approval than congrats you are now starting to make money. You can also do affiliate marketing in your blog.  But by saying passive income just don’t upload like few articles/post try to upload a lot so that you can make a lot of money. Try to know what kind of contents your audience wants so that you can get a lot of views in your website. So, lets know how you can do this.

What am I going to learn today?

  1. How to create a blog for free?
  2. How to make money using that blog?
  3. What is affiliate marketing and how can I make money using it?

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  1. How to create a blog for free?

Step 1: Go to (click here)

Step 2: After you go there you will see Create a blog button click there

Step 3: After you click there it will ask you for login you just login.

Step 4: After you login it will take you to create a new blog page you just add the title of your blog and your blog address there and select a best theme for your blog and click on create blog.

So, now we have already created a blog lets move on how to make money using that blog.


     2. How to make money using that blog?

We are going to make money using that blog by using adsense. AdSense is the advertising network which is provided to us by google. It is one of the most trusted and used method of earning money using blogs. All you need to do is advertise other peoples products/website etc. in our blog but for that we need to get ads approval from google adsense. So for getting ads we need to apply for ads when the adsense approves our approval we are done now our blog will start displaying ads in all the pages of the blog. But only getting adsense approval is not how we can make money we must get a lot of traffics in order to earn a lot of money. Remember one thing we are earning money only if a person clicks on any ad on the blog. So the more traffic we get the more ad clicks we get. But by the name of ad clicks we should not click in our own ad or tell people to get if google adsense will find you doing so they will ban the ads in your site and bam you are not gonna earn using google adsense from that day.

Want to know how you can get a lot of views in your blog?

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    3. What is affiliate marketing and how can I make money using it?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most used way of making money online. How this works is when we promote the product of a particular person/brand/organization in the internet then when people buys that product after they buy those products we get certain percentage of commission from that product. Now you may have already got the hint what i mean to say.
To promote those links we can easily share those links in instagram, facebook, blogs and other social medias.

You can use paid promotion or free promotion for promoting the product.

So, that’s it for this article guys if you have any problem regarding this then please feel free to comment down below.