What Is Android Device Manager | How To Use Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager, now find my device is really an awesome tool. This tool is really very surprising. Guess what guys this tool can locate your mobile phone easily if you have set it up earlier. This tool can easily ring your mobile phone for five minutes if it is lost somewhere. This tool can also help you to display the message in your mobile phone and lock it. You can even erase your personal data using this tool. Basically, it is a tool which is provided by google which helps to track your lost mobile phone.

This find my device tool is really very helpful and it is a must have app for all the android users over the world. This application works in all the countries. This easily  helps you to locate, ring, or wipe your device if you already have set it up.

This application is very much in use because it is free and really fast to download, it is virus free and is always available. It is also really very easy to set up.

How to set up find my device/android device manager?

Setting up android device manager is really very easy thing to do. All you have to do is download Android Device Manager/ Find my device in your mobile phone you can also get it in the google play store named Find My Device or you can also download apk version from your browser for the apk version you can easily go to Google and type in Find my device apk download  or  Android device manager apk download and click on the first link to download it.

After you download just install the app if you’ve downloaded it from apk or just open the app if you have downloaded it from google app store.

You don’t need to register for this guys if you have a gmail account that’s all you need.

After you open android device manager in your android mobile, it will show you something like this:

Now you can also select your other gmail account using the down arrow icon select one and click on continue as (yourname)

After you click on continue it will ask you to insert your google password just insert that and click on sign in.

After you click on sign in now youre there guys you guys have set up your Android Device Manager/Find my device easily

How can I find my device after this?

After this you can easily locate your device. Once, you have set up your Android Device Manager/Find My Device all you need to do is open your web browser in your PC and go to this link <click here after you get there sign in using the same gmail which you have used previously in the app. After you sign in you will get redirected to this page:

You can see a lot of options there. You can easily see the map your phone is located you can just go right there and search for your phone. You can also see ring phone option at the first you can click there and ring your phone for five minutes which help you to find your phone easily.

You can also see the second option which says lock if you click there it will ask you if you want to display message for locking your phone you can keep your message and lock the device after clicking lock bottom. Immediately after you click the lock button your device will get locked showing the message that you kept there.

The third and the last option is of Erase. If you have any personal pictures, files and folder you can click on Erase button to erase everything from your phone so that your personal data will be safe. If you do so no one will have control over your data and you will not have stress but if you erase everything you cannot track or locate your mobile.

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